Monday, July 9, 2012

Hide Your System Drives

How to hide
your any particular Drive or all Drives that shown in My Computer

For this follow the below steps.

1. Open Run by pressing Start then Run or Press
(Window+R). Enter it.
2. In Run type gpedit.msc and press enter.
3.A page open where in left hand side select
User Configuration>Administrative 

Templates>Window Components>Window

4. Click on Window Explorer in Right hand Side of that window some setting are there with their State.

5. See there "Hide these specified drives in My
Computer" with Status Not Configured. Double
click on it.

6.A small Window open ,There are 3 Radio Buttons
Select Enabled as in Pic. a List open select Restrict
:C:" drive Only or all Drives.

7. Click Apply then OK.

8. Now Open My Computer. U will See The "C:"
Drive will not Shown there. or Drive You select is not there.

Note:: To show the "C:" drive or any hide drive again  follow the Above Steps and Click on Not Configured Radio button in Step 6. and apply.