Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Airtel 3G free Gprs unlimited internet using Shield VPN 6.07 2013

Working latest  Shield VPN 6.07 for Airtel 3G Gprs 2013 (updated)

free unlimited internet and unlimited download
High Speed Working VPN'S For Airtel Free Internet 2013
Hi guys, I have come with a new Airtel Free Internet using VPN'S
As You all People Know that today most of Airtel FREE GPRS
ON PC tricks are based on VPN service that provide access
to their server on UDP ports, its not necessary that this
port have to be 52. It can be  or 52 or 500 or 1194 or even 443 or 80
, but the main thing is that protocol used have to be UDP .
So i am making Index of this services for your ease
Some of the vpn are already blocked in some states while
others are still working.You can Comment below and let our
team know which all Vpns are working in Different states.

Hello friends I m back with a new vpn Trick (shield vpn
Shield VPN free Gprs with airtel .This is one of best vpn software which
works without disconnection problem with free protection. This vpn has
ablilty to block the websites which has virus or some harmful scripts.
So Again  for newbies I am going to explain the installation  in detail .
  • To begin with download the file from link below
  • After you download then save the folder with all the other files where you can locate it easily
  • Click on the ShieldVPN.exe icon it will appear in the toolbar (see image)
  • Keep the username and password the same and Choose any server from the list of available Servers .Now double click on the icon and do following changes (see image)
              go to options and set port L to 53

  • Now click on DRIVERS and install them if you have not installed yet

  • Done with settings ,Now Return to the main interface

  • Connect your phone or plug usb  modem in usb slot and connect using normal mobile office settings
  • After connection has been established,
  • click on connect  button on vpn interface

  • The vpn will connect within 15-20seconds.
Downloading speed on 3G is 400kbps+ (subject to coverage area)

******************DOWNLOADING LINK*********************


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